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Including Duck Hunting Clubs,Refuges, private ranches for Deer, Pig, turkey, pheasant and boar hunting




 Just here to see all properties or click on the Markers  below to get free information for unguided hunts on Ranches, Duck Refuges, Public Lands, and Military bases . Included are Day Hunts, Hunting Clubs to join, access information, and DFG or  ODFW special hunt information.



Some of these pages have Deer hunting, Pheasant and Duck Hunting,and many Turkey hunting spots etc.










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Here are some great hunting maps for Fort Hunter-Liggit 


Overview map of all the FHL areas

Map  Area 1
Map  Area 2

Map  Area 3
(This is Archery Only). 
Map  Area 4

Map  Area 5

Map  Area 6
Map  Area 6B
 (This is for Archery Only). 
Map Area 7

Map  Area 8

Map  Area 9

Map oArea 10

Map  Area 11

Map Area 13E (Walk in only for  bow, shotgun, muzzleloader only area.)
Map  Area 13W-A (this is Archery Only). 
Map  Area 14

Map  Area 15
Map  Area 16
Map Area 16B (Archery Only). 
Map Area 17

Map  Area 18
Map  Area 19 
Map  Area 23

Map Area 24

Map  Area 25

Map Area 26

Map  Area 27

Map Area 28

Map Area 29
(Walk in with bow, shotgun, muzzle loader only area.)







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